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Download Universal Androot APK
to easily root your android smart phone or any other android device.

Androot APK is the best way to root your Android Device or any other android device with ease and risk freely.

Universal Androot APK Latest Version for Android

Download the latest version of Universal Androot APK file from below and install to your Android device, launch app from the home screen icon and root accordingly.

download universal androot apk

Why do you need universal androot APK?

universal androot

Universal Androot is the best root without PC app that Supports wide range of android phone and devices. It is the best option when it comes to rooting android phone and devices without a computer.

How to Root with Androot:

You can find supported android devices listed below Do note that more devices (other than the ones listed here) can be rooted with this awesome app.

Supported Devices:

What is Universal Androot rooting?

Universal androot

Rooting mean gain root access to your smart device. When you get your phone out of box you can only change what manufacture allows you to change. By gaining root access you can change and modify your device’s software to your liking. If you are not satisfy by the rooting process you can also unroot it by selecting the undo root option in Universal Androot APK app.

How to Install - Video Guide

Watch below video for complete process of Universal Androot.